Throwback Thursdays: Los Prisioneros’ “Tren Al Sur”


Los Prisioneros

The first time I heard this song I was 15 at an 18 & Over club in Chicago. Yeah, you did it too. Don’t lie. I wasn’t the only kid under age and it was quite evident. The only people on the dance floor were couples and girls in circles so tight they could’ve been beating someone inside it and no one would’ve ever known. Everyone else stood against the walls. It was what it was—a high school dance without the basketball court—until this song came on. A new DJ got on the decks, allowed some silence as he transitioned into his set, and then the haunting intro keys seemed to scare everyone away from what they were doing. Circles broke, and couples separated to dance along with everyone just as the drums dropped over the keys. Everything was perfect with this song—the catchy lyrics, key solos, drum solos, and vocals over those solos. These guys from Chile had a bunch of Latino kids in Chicago going crazy. And yeah, as a result, that night I got my first number from a girl—her beeper number, that is. So for getting me my first number, and just being a damn good classic, this is our first Throwback Thursday song. Someone get me Los Prisioneros‘ beeper numbers so I can thank them in a voicemail or number coded message.

Los Prisioneros–Tren Al Sur

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