Song of the Day: Astro’s “Hongo Atomic”


Today’s Song of the Day came to me from a friend who thought I was still spinning Electro/Indie/Dance. I don’t anymore, but I’m glad he thought I did, because what he brought to my attention is actually pretty good. What he gave me was a couple of tracks from Chilean Indie-Rock/Electro group, Astro.



They remind me of MGMT, and some of the French electronic acts with Kitsuné. There’s also an addictive cowbell in “Hongo Atomic” that brings to mind The Rapture‘s dance tracks too. Yeah, these Chilenos seem to have it all—from lasers to cowbells. And if that doesn’t have you moving, we’re throwing in a remix by the Chilean Justice-like duo, Moustache. These DJ’s really have the French House sound down. So if I was still spinning this stuff, I would definitely play these tracks—specially on a Friday. Enjoy.


Astro-Hongo Atomic (MP3)

Astro-Hongo Atomic (Moustache! Remix) (MP3)

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