Bienvenida, Venissa Santí!


Venissa Santí describes her music as “one half Jazz and one half Cuban.”

Venissa Santí

Venissa Santí

Just a few days ago, Santí was featured in NPR’s Weekly Jazz Sampler along with established Latin-American singers, Susana Baca and Magos Herrera—deservingly so, that is. What makes Santí stand out even amongst the greats is that she doesn’t only sing in English, but she is one of the few singers who has found a way to sing in Spanish with east coast Jazz music. It’s more challenging than it seems. As NPR’s Felix Contreras points out, “you can’t just cut and paste English Lyrics over a song structure that was written in Spanish and vice-versa. It doesn’t always work out musically and mathematically.” But Santí does it and does it well. Check out her rendition of the classic Bolero, “Tu Mi Delirio.” She puts a major Jazz swing into this song, and skips around with the lyrics in a scat style I’d never heard done in Spanish. Don’t miss out! Get her album, Bienvenida, and welcome her into your casa.

Venissa Santí-Tu Mi Delirio (MP3)

Venissa Santí

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