We’re Latinos that grew up in the U.S. listening to a lot of music from Latin America and from Latino acts right here in the States—and we haven’t stopped. Actually, that’s much of what we do now. We’re constantly picking up music and recommending albums and tracks to each other. We want to do that with you! We’re gonna let you in our house.  We’ll be sharing with you the music that we play in our casas—from our showers, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and backyards. So come to Mi Casa to check out what we’re playing. We’ll have everything from Pop to Bossa Nova, from classic tunes to the newest.

So here we go. Listen, sing, dance, enjoy, and most importantly, sharebecause this world is in need of good music.
Mi Casa es tu casa. Our house is your house. Invite your friends, let’s have a drink, and kick back.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. DavidMc Says:

    We’ll be supplying regular updates on new Brazilian music here – http://bmabrazil.bandcamp.com/. Hope you’ll find some of it interesting.

  2. Paul Says:

    Love your blog!!!

  3. Ann Says:

    Thanks for keeping me hip to the tip on the latest Latin indie soundz….80)

  4. Ilka Says:

    Just FYI – thought y’all might like to know (especially since you’ve included JUAN SON a few times)
    CONVERGENCE MMIX – Latin-alternativo music festival in San Francisco
    July 15 – 25

    Headliners include international musical tastemakers and trendsetters like
    Juan Son from Guadalajara, Mexico
    Nacotheque from New York City
    Pop Noir from Southern California

  5. Jose Luis Says:

    cOOL, English is not my mother tongue but I love your blog, it’s very complete. Congratulations!!

    • Don Palabras Says:

      Jose Luis,

      Mil gracias! Tambien nos gusta tu blog. A que seguirle! La gente necesita buena musica!


  6. CHRIS A Says:

    kindly check out siji’s stunning new album and video as featured on VH1 Soul & BETJ here;


    the album which features collaborations with King Britt & Rich Medina, is an esoteric blend of Soul, Highlife, Jazz, Afrobeat & electronica.

  7. Twang Twang Says:

    Thanks for the link! Send us a email for the latest deets (shows and CDs coming up).

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