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Mariachi Rock!

November 20, 2009

I’m in love with these Mariachi renditions of Marvin Gaye, The Cure, and Annie Lenox. This album is something else—a really good dream come true.

New Video: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

October 30, 2009

The first time I heard Rita Indiana y Los Misterios I thought they were from another planet—they’re just too original, blending merengue with electro, and mambo, and reggaeton, and house, and. . .I can keep going. Well, their new video proves me right! Rita Indiana y Los Misterios are from another planet, and there they’re singing “La Hora de Volve,” line dancing, playing air instruments, and floating on vinyl records and other objects. Check it out. One of my favorite videos and songs of the year.

Celso Piña con Natalia Lafourcade

October 30, 2009

Celso Piña delivers a slow cumbia while Natalia Lafourcade flowers it up with her vocals. This comes from Celso’s “Sin Fecha de Caducidad” where you can also find Ely Guerra, Lila Downs, and Alex Lora (from El Tri) dueting it with el gran Celso.

Kumbia Queers Cover The Cure’s “Lovesong”

October 21, 2009

We’ve been missing in [blog] action for a few weeks now…but no worries! We’re back—back with the Kumbia Queers !

Kumbia Queers

Kumbia Queers

And who are they? In their own words: “Seis locas punk and rollers aburridas del rock actual deciden autoexplotar su lado Kumbianchero y Queer haciendo canciones de chicas para chicas…” For those who had a rough time understanding that, it’s: six crazy punk and roller girls bored with rock music, that decided to exploit their own Kumbianchero and Queer sides to make songs by girls for girls.

Kumbia Queers – Kumbia Dark (The Cure \"Lovesong\" Cover) (MP3)

Kumbia Queers – Kumbia Dark (The Cure “Lovesong” Cover)

Brownout: Aguilas and Cobras

September 18, 2009



Brownout gets down y’all! Out of Austin, Texas, this eight-piece band bring soulful funk with percussion, brass, ear grabbing guitar riffs, and flutes. Yeah, flutes! I love flutes and you love flutes (you just don’t know it yet). You can dance to Brownout, or cruise with this new album, Aguilas and Cobras. The slow jams will surely gangster out anyone’s Hybrid—no doubt about that. Check ’em out. Album just dropped. Get it!

Brownout – Olvidalo (MP3)

Brownout – Olvidalo (Youtube)

Rita Indiana Y Los Misterios

September 16, 2009

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios are a breath of fresh air in this current pollution of Indie music. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the Indie music that’s being produced in Latin-America. My only beef is that a lot of those Indie acts make music with a gaze to The United States and Europe. There’s nothing wrong with that per say, but with such rich music traditions in Latin-America you’d think we’d get more Indie music with Latin-American roots. Instead we get a bunch of young artists that are looking more out than in to inspire their own music and fashion.

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

But Rita Indiana y Los Misterios ain’t going that route. These Dominican cats have found a perfect balance. Sure they have Indie’s lasers and synths, but they apply them to one of their island’s most beloved musical genres—merengue. Sounds a little strange, but it works. While the music is playful, Rita’s heavy vocal’s demand seriousness. Those same vocals make for a nice laid back Afro-Beat/Latin-American folk track that we’re giving you today, titled, “Jardinera.” Yes, Rita and her band can slow it down too.

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios – Jardinera (MP3)

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios – Jardinera (Youtube)

Julieta Venegas Remixes Hello Seahorse!

August 8, 2009

Gotta thank our music-friends at Club Fonograma for this one here. Who knew Julieta Venegas had it in her to remix? Maybe it’s just that she likes and respects Hello Seahorse! as much as Mi Casa does. We don’t know, but she does a fine job remixing this track. Like the original, this remix of “Bestia” is a little dark, yet Julieta manages to bring some light into the song with hand claps and a few noise makers.

Hello Seahorse!

Hello Seahorse!

Maybe Julieta doesn’t want us to forget about Hello Seahorse! too fast in this music culture with attention deficit disorder. We sure don’t want you to. So to refresh your memory, we’re throwing in some extra tracks by Hello Seahorse!

Hello Seahorse! – Bestia (Julieta Venegas Remix) (MP3)

Hello Seahorse! – Bestia (Original) (MP3)

Hello Seahorse! – I Won\'t Say Anything (MP3)

Hello Seahorse!–I Wont Say Anything (Video (Note: music starts at 12 seconds))

Hello Seahorse!–Bestia

Ely Guerra Sings Ska

August 8, 2009

Ely Guerra shows a little hometown solidarity by singing a love song with Monterrey ska band, Inspector. You can find this skadorable track, “Noviembre,” in Inspector’s new self-titled album.



Now, I love Latino ska so much that I can admit that the genre lacks good singers. It’s okay because ska is not so much about vocals as it is about the quality of the music, the vibe, and the culture—and yes, about preserving those things. But this is why this collaboration works. Inspector lays out a nice traditional ska, while Ely gives the tune an emotional depth that makes Inspector’s music even more enjoyable to listen to. It worked for Mimi Maura, and here it works for Inspector and Ely.

Inspector featuring Ely Guerra–Noviembre (MP3)

Inspector with Ely Guerra–Noviembre (Track Video)

Bienvenida, Venissa Santí!

July 31, 2009

Venissa Santí describes her music as “one half Jazz and one half Cuban.”

Venissa Santí

Venissa Santí

Just a few days ago, Santí was featured in NPR’s Weekly Jazz Sampler along with established Latin-American singers, Susana Baca and Magos Herrera—deservingly so, that is. What makes Santí stand out even amongst the greats is that she doesn’t only sing in English, but she is one of the few singers who has found a way to sing in Spanish with east coast Jazz music. It’s more challenging than it seems. As NPR’s Felix Contreras points out, “you can’t just cut and paste English Lyrics over a song structure that was written in Spanish and vice-versa. It doesn’t always work out musically and mathematically.” But Santí does it and does it well. Check out her rendition of the classic Bolero, “Tu Mi Delirio.” She puts a major Jazz swing into this song, and skips around with the lyrics in a scat style I’d never heard done in Spanish. Don’t miss out! Get her album, Bienvenida, and welcome her into your casa.

Venissa Santí-Tu Mi Delirio (MP3)

Venissa Santí

Rich Medina and Bobbito Garcia Present: The Connection Vol. 1: Modern Explorations in Afro-Beat and Afro-Latin

July 28, 2009

Rich Medina and Bobbito Garcia are successful DJs because they’re brave DJs. In a career where you’re constantly faced with having to please a crowd, both Rich and Bobbito dare to step out of the mainstream to introduce only the freshest music to their listeners. They have so much confidence in the music they love, that they aren’t afraid to challenge the expectations of club crowds.

Rich Medina and Bobbito Present: The Connection Vol.1

Rich Medina and Bobbito Present: The Connection Vol.1

Both have a good ear for everything from Afro-Beat to Hip-Hop to Latin Jazz to Soul. And now, through The Connection Vol. 1: Modern Explorations in Afro-Beat and Afro-Latin, we get to see how they come together to compile the best from Afro-Beat and Afro-Latin. One mighty fine tune they’ve included in this compilation is Soul Jazz Orchestra’s “Mugambi.” Learn from Rich and Bobbito and play it for your own party people at your next party. (Also, you’ll find a nicely scratched and cut Salsa track by Rob Swift in the compilation. For real. No lie.)

Soul Jazz Orchestra-Mugambi (MP3)