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The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba

July 28, 2009

Si Para Usted Vol.2

Si Para Usted Vol.2

Waxing Deep has just put out Volume 2 of Si Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba. The folks at Waxing Deep really dug in the crates this time around to bring us some even more rare groovy tunes from Cuba’s 60’s and 70’s. Chances are you probably haven’t heard of any of these musicians before, but you’ll surely recognize the funk that’s in every song. It’s crazy how powerful music is—despite the blockade, you can hear how Cuban music was being influenced by some Rock and Soul. As a result, we get some of the most electrifying funky Cuban music I’ve ever heard. In “Vehicle” you’ll hear some of what I’m talking about—we get explosive trumpets, an organ, and a smooth Afro-Cuban feel on the drums.

Vehicle-Orquesta Cubana De Música Moderna (MP3)


David Garza’s MP3 Medly (or why this guy needs to be heard)

July 21, 2009
Davíd Garza

Davíd Garza

The first time I heard Davíd Garza I was eighteen years old, a college freshman, and studying late at night while listening to KVRX. I had just moved to Austin, Texas and made my first trips to venerable Austin hangouts such as Mozart’s, Spiderhouse, Emo’s, Ruta Maya, and even ventured into the long-gone Black Cat Lounge. I was relatively unaware of the city’s cool-factor until I heard the kitschy keyboard break beat intro to Garza’s “Discoball World.” On “Discoball World” I began to understand how Garza’s lyrics (the “blissed out brothers”, the “dreadlocked white girls”, “extra virgins” and the “laptop loners”) rang true. It wasn’t that Garza was just singing about my stomping grounds in Austin, but it was his voice, a mixture of late-90’s hipster cool, pop eclecticism, and Robert Plant-esque vocals (that falsetto) that one falls for. It’s also not just his talent but his long standing recognition of his Mexican-American heritage and traditions that have made Davíd (it’s Dah-veed people, not David, get it right) Garza a superstar in Austin. Yet, the man, his music, is hardly known outside of his 1999, highly underrated major label debut, This Euphoria or his conributions to soundtracks like Great Expecations or Veronica Mars. Granted, the man is getting his music out there, but little do many know how incredibly talented David Garza truly is. If he’s not recording an full-length album or EP, he’s a session musician, producer, and collaborator with musicians such as music legend, Jon BrionAlejandro Escovedo, Juliana HatfieldRhett Miller and Fionna Apple, or contributing his work to Dagoberto Gilb‘s Hecho En Tejas anthology. A few years ago, Garza took his music to L.A. then returned back to Austin where I used to watch him ordering coffee while I hid behind my laptop at the now defunct East Austin hangout, Dandelion Cafe. I never went up to him and told him how much I loved his music or more importantly how he was paving the way for other Mexican-American musicians much in the way Alejandro Escovedo had done before him. Instead, I remained a laptop loner and watched him as he walked out. Today, in celebration of Garza’s latest record, Dream Delay (Cosmica Records), and his contribution to Texas music, Mí Casa features a medly of Garza’s tunes. Enjoy!

David Garza performs a FREE show at Club Congress (Tucson, AZ) tonight, before heading to L.A. You can find more tour info here.

David Garza’s new album is available at CDBaby.

Davíd Garza – “Discoball World” (MP3)

Davíd Garza – “Float Away” (MP3)

Davíd Garza – “2 Sinners in the Garden” (MP3)

Davíd Garza  – “From A Fool” (MP3)

David Garza – “We On Fire” (MP3)

Davíd Garza (as Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom!) – “Amnesty” (MP3)

Davíd Garza and Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom! – “Amnesty” Live on KGSR (Video)

Song of the Day: Astro’s “Hongo Atomic”

July 17, 2009

Today’s Song of the Day came to me from a friend who thought I was still spinning Electro/Indie/Dance. I don’t anymore, but I’m glad he thought I did, because what he brought to my attention is actually pretty good. What he gave me was a couple of tracks from Chilean Indie-Rock/Electro group, Astro.



They remind me of MGMT, and some of the French electronic acts with Kitsuné. There’s also an addictive cowbell in “Hongo Atomic” that brings to mind The Rapture‘s dance tracks too. Yeah, these Chilenos seem to have it all—from lasers to cowbells. And if that doesn’t have you moving, we’re throwing in a remix by the Chilean Justice-like duo, Moustache. These DJ’s really have the French House sound down. So if I was still spinning this stuff, I would definitely play these tracks—specially on a Friday. Enjoy.


Astro-Hongo Atomic (MP3)

Astro-Hongo Atomic (Moustache! Remix) (MP3)

Song of the Day: Amandititita’s “Cerebro de Caca”

July 16, 2009

She’s not the girl you want to take home to mom (unless you want to give your mom a heart attack), but she’s fun. Yeah, I’m talking about Amandititita—the queen of Anarcho-Cumbia. The vulgarly honest singer is back with a song for all her haters that dare to insult her. And how does she get back at them? With her own insults, of course…and cumbia.



Amandititita just released this track on her Myspace page. Looks like she’s letting her fans (and haters) know that the new album is on its way. The word on the cyber streets is that Ulises Lozano from Kinky had a hand in the production. But since the album isn’t out yet, in the meantime check out this bootlegged YouTube video or visit her Myspace page to listen to the single. Have fun with it—“Cerebro de Caca” is the least offensive thing she says.

Amandititita-Cerebro de Caca (Video a la bootleg)

Song(s) of the Day: Selma’s Cover of Los Planetas’ “Cancion Para Ligar (O Para Que No Me Dejes)”

July 15, 2009

Today’s song of the day comes from an unsigned band from Mexico called Selma. While searching for a video of one of Spain’s most respected Indie-Rock bands, Los Planetas, I found this cover of “Cancion Para Ligar.” There’s nothing wrong with Los Planetas’ version, but Selma’s feels just right. The title of the song translates to something like, “song to get you to love me (or so you won’t leave me).” Well, Selma’s version sounds like a response—like a sweet voice at the other end of the phone—even though it’s just a cover. Selma give it a bit more of an edge, but still keep it a song to get someone to fall for you (or so that someone doesn’t leave you). We’re giving you Los Planeta’s version from their album, Unidad de Desplazamiento. Selma have only released this cover on YouTube, so take a listen below. And If you like them, visit their Myspace page for more. Mi Casa likes Selma, so we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything from them.

Selma-Canción Para Ligar (o para que no me dejes) (Video)

Los Planetas-Cancion Para Ligar (MP3)

Los Planetas-Canción Para Ligar (o para que no me dejes) (Video)

Song of the Day: CéU’s “Bubuia”

July 14, 2009

By now you know I have a thing for Brazilian music. I’m a defender of the old-school, but I’m really digging what today’s musicians are doing too. CéU is one of those young artists that has never let me down.



She manages to find common threads in different genres and ties them perfectly together. You’ll find elements from all kinds of music in her songs—a little Bossa, a bit of Samba, a hint of Funk, a lot of Hip-Hop, and a lot (a lot) of Jazz. You’ll hear some of those, plus more (including a seductive electric guitar) in today’s Song of the Day. Warning: It’s quite addictive. This comes from her recently released sophomore album, Vagarosa, where she continues to experiment with her influences. If you’re lucky, you can hear this new album live in the flesh—she’s coming to four U.S. cities.

July 14 & 15 Triple Door, Seattle
July 17 Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles
July 18 Herbst Theatre, San Francisco
July 21 Highline Balroom, New York

CéU-Bubuia (MP3)

Céu-Bubuia (Video)

Song of the Day: Concha Buika’s “Miénteme Bien”

July 13, 2009

For the past few days, I’ve been playing catch-up with Concha Buika‘s music. How I didn’t know of her before, I don’t know. But after a few days of listening to her, I seriously consider her one of the best voices of my time. And I’m not alone, so does film maker Pedro Almodóvar (that’s actually how I found about this soulful jazzy Afro-Spanish flamenco singer).

Concha Buika

Concha Buika

In one of Pedro Almodóvar’s blog entries (a recent obsession of mine), he discusses the importance of music in his films. That lead him to mention some of his recent favorite artists. One of those artists was Concha Buika. He compared Buika to the great Chavela Vargas, saying, “…she makes me tremble because she gives the impression that each performance is the definitive one, the last one. While being totally original and following other paths, she reminds me very much of Chavela at her greatest.” After reading that, I felt like I had to check her out. Once I did, I was awed by the way that Buika’s voice seems to come from every part of her—from her feet, from her knees, from the heart…you name it! Every word is rooted somewhere. Just listen. And watch the video, please—I feel like Almodóvar when he says that recordings don’t do some artists justice. In this case, Buika’s studio recording is pretty damn good, but the live performance is even more amazing. For more breath-taking minutes in your life, get Buika’s Grammy nominated album, Niña de Fuego.

Concha Buika-Mienteme Bien (MP3)

Concha Buika-Miénteme Bien (Video)

Song of the Day: Album’s “Er Bender,” plus Bonus tracks and vids

July 10, 2009
Los Beta Bandidos: Album

Los Beta Bandidos: Monterrey, Mexico's Album

Album (pronounced Al-boom) is an electronic-experimental band from Monterrey, Mexico. Over the last seven years the quartet have become one of my favorite indie bands. Album draws much of its influence from garage and art rock and have been often compared to the U.K.’s the Beta Band.  Album’s electronic-garage-psych-pop mixes also draw comparisons to the lesser-known Swedish indie band, Bear Quartet. Album have released four independent releases, 2003’s Eureka Sön, 2006’s critical fav Microbricolages, and last year’s Cancer Baby, as well as a string of EPs such as 2009’s Quantization Proclamation. Each of these LPs and EPs are distributed as free downloads on their official website. “Er Bender” is the last track on Microbricolages but it captures the band moving away from the brief-sketch tunes from its earlier releases towards the more distinct sound of Cancer Baby. It’s also one of my favorite tracks and today’s song of the day. Enjoy the bonus track and videos too!

Album – “Er Bender” (MP3)

BONUS – Album – “Hormigas” (MP3)

Album – “Es Facil” (VIDEO)

Album – “Albino Sangrante” (VIDEO)

Album – “2/3” (VIDEO)

Album – “Es Teatro Greigo” (VIDEO)

Nelly Furtado new single is “Manos Al Aire”, readys first collab heavy Spanish-language album “Mí Plan”

July 9, 2009
Nelly Furtado has a plan: conquer Latin America

Nelly Furtado has a plan: conquer Latin America

Canadian singer-songwriter, Nelly Furtado is planning a return. We last heard from Ms. Furtado a few years ago with her monster album, Loose that Timbaland produced album that shelled out nine hit singles. One would think Furtado would release a similar album, albeit a sequel-keep-the-mainstream-happy record, but we here at Mí Casa trust Ms. Furtado and she’s instead planned on taking over Latin America. Word on the street last year was that Furtado was working on a double album, one in English, the other in Portuguese. However, if her several collaborations with Columbian pop-rocker, Juanés, Puerto Rican alternative hip-hoppers, Calle 13, and most recent Flo Rida‘s latest are any indication of her musical direction, it’s her first Spanish language album, aptly titled Mí Plan. Mí Plan first single is “Manos Al Aire” (“Hands in the Air”) released on June 29th. The rest of her new album boasts collaborations with Mexican alt-rock legend Julieta Venegas, Spanish hip-hopper, La Mala Rodriguez, and Bronx-Bachata masters, Aventura, Josh Groban, Vincent Garcia, and of course, Juanés. Nelly Furtado’s Mí Plan will be released on September 29th on Universal Music Latino.

Nelly Furtado – “Manos Al Aire” (IMEEM)

Nelly Furtado talks to Azteca 3 re: Mí Plan (VIDEO)

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, New Album (!) and US/European Tour 2009, New single (and bonus track!)

July 8, 2009
Hope Sandoval ponders Through The Devil Softly

Hope Sandoval ponders Through The Devil Softly

The folks over at Brooklyn Vegan have been reporting for quite some time now on the return of former Mazzy Star vocalist Hope Sandoval. Actually, it’s exciting to hear of Hope Sandoval return as a solo artist, but she spoke to Rolling Stone earlier this year regarding a possible fourth Mazzy Star album with David Roback. The last time we heard Sandoval was with the Warm Inventions on 2001’s Bavarian Fruit Bread. Since then, the Mexican-American singer and East Los Angelean has collaborated with the likes of Massive Attack, Air, Le Volume Corbe, The Chemical Brothers, Jesus & The Mary Chain, and most recently contributed a track for Air France (like the plane company, yo) compilation, In The Air. She will reprise vocal duties on the upcoming  Massive Attack album, Weather Underground. Sandoval’s new record, Through The Devil Softly, will be released on Nettwerk on September 15, 2009. Her sophomore album was recorded in Northern California and Ireland. Nettwerk reports Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions will tour North America and Europe this fall. Check out a taste of the new record and new album tracklist below:

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – “Blanchard” from Through The Devil Softly (MP3)

BONUS! Hope Sandoval – “Wild Roses” from Air France’s In The Air (MP3)

Through The Devil Softly
September 15, 2009
Nettwerk Records

1. Blanchard
2. Wild Roses
3. For The Rest Of Your Life
4. Lady Jessica and Sam
5. Sets The Blaze
6. Thinking Like That
7. There’s A Willow
8. Trouble
9. Fall Aside
10. Blue Bird
11. Satellite