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Rita Indiana Y Los Misterios

September 16, 2009

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios are a breath of fresh air in this current pollution of Indie music. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the Indie music that’s being produced in Latin-America. My only beef is that a lot of those Indie acts make music with a gaze to The United States and Europe. There’s nothing wrong with that per say, but with such rich music traditions in Latin-America you’d think we’d get more Indie music with Latin-American roots. Instead we get a bunch of young artists that are looking more out than in to inspire their own music and fashion.

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

But Rita Indiana y Los Misterios ain’t going that route. These Dominican cats have found a perfect balance. Sure they have Indie’s lasers and synths, but they apply them to one of their island’s most beloved musical genres—merengue. Sounds a little strange, but it works. While the music is playful, Rita’s heavy vocal’s demand seriousness. Those same vocals make for a nice laid back Afro-Beat/Latin-American folk track that we’re giving you today, titled, “Jardinera.” Yes, Rita and her band can slow it down too.

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios – Jardinera (MP3)

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios – Jardinera (Youtube)

LAMC 2009 kicks off this week, Federico Auebele Interview

July 9, 2009
Federico Aubele at LAMC 2009

Federico Aubele at LAMC 2009

The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) kicked off Tuesday evening and goes on throughout this week in NYC. El Niño Diamante y Don Palabras wished they could partake in the festivities and rub elbows with industry changos, but alas, we sit in front of our computers and share, talk, and move you with the music we love. The New York Press has an brief interview with Argentine born, New York City transplant Federico Aubele. Aubele talks about his new record, Amatoria and his collaborations with Cibbo Mato‘s Miho Hatori and Brazilian Girl’s Sabina Scuibba.

This year the LAMC celebrates its 10th anniversary and sees performances by Columbia’s Aterciopelados, la Venezuelan gozadera de Los Amigos Invisibles, Argentine singer-songwriter, Juana Molina, Puerto Rican hip-hoppers, Calle 13, as well as lesser known acts such as La Oveja Negra, Curumin, and Maluca. This week’s festival is a chance for artists, industry moguls, and music fans alike to converge and celebrate Latino music.

We’ll try to keep you posted on all things LAMC 2009!