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Música de Bolso: A New Music Video Experience with Mallu Magalhães, Marcelo Camelo, Rodrigo Campos, and José González

July 9, 2009

Música de Bolso (translating to Music of Pocket, or something like a “street performer”), describe themselves as an audiovisual project that present live performances by musicians in spaces where they wouldn’t usually play a live show. They offer a fresh music video experience by providing a new intimacy between the viewer and musician—one that typically lacks in fancy music videos. These videos are serious art works. You’ll want to have them playing on your computer all day. For those who liked our posts on Marcelo Camelo and Mallu Magalhães, here are three videos of them—so wonderful you’ll want to step into your screen. Also check out Rodrigo Campos—he’s new to Mi Casa, but we like this video of him and his samba so much, we’ll surely have him back. And for those who are already familiar with José González, here’s a chance to sit next to him at a restaurant as he plays “The Nest.” Find many more videos at their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and on their Podcast.

Mallu Magalhães-Make it Easy

Mallu Magalhães-Just Give Him the Girl…

Marcelo Camelo-Téo e a Gaivota

Rodrigo Campos-Fim da Cidade

José González-The Nest

Song of the Day: Caetano Veloso’s “Negra Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby”

June 30, 2009
Caetano Veloso Caetano Veloso

In celebration of Michael Jackson‘s life and all the music he left us, we’re posting a medley by Brazilian living legend, Caetano Veloso, where he covers an MJ tune. The King of Pop influenced musicians all over the world, and in this case it was Caetano Veloso who he moved to cover “Billie Jean.” It was a perfect fit. Caetano rides a soft Bossa Nova guitar with his vocals, at times even daring to get off beat. The lyrics sharpen Caetano’s voice until it cuts the Bossa Nova to a painful end with The Beatles‘ “Eleanor Rigby.” For Michael!

Caetano Veloso-Negra Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby (MP3)

Ceatano Veloso-Negra Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby (Video)