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Song of the Day: Concha Buika’s “Miénteme Bien”

July 13, 2009

For the past few days, I’ve been playing catch-up with Concha Buika‘s music. How I didn’t know of her before, I don’t know. But after a few days of listening to her, I seriously consider her one of the best voices of my time. And I’m not alone, so does film maker Pedro Almodóvar (that’s actually how I found about this soulful jazzy Afro-Spanish flamenco singer).

Concha Buika

Concha Buika

In one of Pedro Almodóvar’s blog entries (a recent obsession of mine), he discusses the importance of music in his films. That lead him to mention some of his recent favorite artists. One of those artists was Concha Buika. He compared Buika to the great Chavela Vargas, saying, “…she makes me tremble because she gives the impression that each performance is the definitive one, the last one. While being totally original and following other paths, she reminds me very much of Chavela at her greatest.” After reading that, I felt like I had to check her out. Once I did, I was awed by the way that Buika’s voice seems to come from every part of her—from her feet, from her knees, from the heart…you name it! Every word is rooted somewhere. Just listen. And watch the video, please—I feel like Almodóvar when he says that recordings don’t do some artists justice. In this case, Buika’s studio recording is pretty damn good, but the live performance is even more amazing. For more breath-taking minutes in your life, get Buika’s Grammy nominated album, Niña de Fuego.

Concha Buika-Mienteme Bien (MP3)

Concha Buika-Miénteme Bien (Video)

Song of the Day: Caetano Veloso’s “Negra Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby”

June 30, 2009
Caetano Veloso Caetano Veloso

In celebration of Michael Jackson‘s life and all the music he left us, we’re posting a medley by Brazilian living legend, Caetano Veloso, where he covers an MJ tune. The King of Pop influenced musicians all over the world, and in this case it was Caetano Veloso who he moved to cover “Billie Jean.” It was a perfect fit. Caetano rides a soft Bossa Nova guitar with his vocals, at times even daring to get off beat. The lyrics sharpen Caetano’s voice until it cuts the Bossa Nova to a painful end with The Beatles‘ “Eleanor Rigby.” For Michael!

Caetano Veloso-Negra Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby (MP3)

Ceatano Veloso-Negra Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby (Video)