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Song of the Day: People Project’s “Segundo Piso”

June 16, 2009
People Project People Project

Wonder who Natalia Lafourcade was hanging out with when she was in Canada? These guys. People Project is a collective of musicians that are breaking all kinds of borders with their talent. Their music comes with a mission statement:

People Project is an inter-cultural, multi-lingual cross-border group uniting collaborators from around the world to explore many genres and create both authentic and original music with a message.

Our belief in people, in humanity, manifests itself in our rich cultural exchange in the process and production of human creative skill and imagination between emerging artists from everywhere.

Based simultaneously in Canada and in Mexico and founded by Philippe Lafreniere (Canada) and Gabriel Bronfman (Mexico) in 2006, People Project created a dynamic intermixture of folk, funk and roots music in several languages. Afro rhythms meet the harmonic language of blues and jazz, in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese where the worlds of latin, hip-hop, reggae, and funk collide. At present, Mexico City and Ottawa now act as a hub for our international artists.

Although they’re working on a new album that’s due out sometime later this year, the first album should not go overlooked. “Segungo Piso” is one of the highlights of People Project’s debut album. Here, a bossa nova meets afro-beat, and a hip grabbing saxophone accompanies a smooth voice. You can’t stay still to this one.

People Project-Segundo Piso (MP3)

People Project rehearsing “Segundo Piso” with Natalia Lafourcade on the melodica (Video)