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Gael Garcia Bernal’s “Quiero Que Me Quieras”, Los Odio and Juan Son (Rudo Y Cursi Soundtrack)

June 24, 2009
Juan Son & Gael Garcia Bernal as "Toto Verduzco"

Juan Son as "himself" & Gael Garcia Bernal as "Tato Verduzco"

Oh, heck while we’ve featured Juana Molina‘s theme to film, Rudo Y Cursi, why not feature actor Gael Garcia Bernal‘s campy take on Cheap Trick‘s “I Want You To Want Me”? Bernal’s Latino hipster cumbia-norteño version is genius. Sure, Bernal can’t sing, but I swear I hear a little bit of Juan Gabriel. It’s not the first time Bernal has sung before, he dueted with Devendra Bernhart on the soundtrack to Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep. On “Queireo Que Me Quieras” Bernal is actually in character as Tato Verduzco, the talented soccer player who truly wants to be a music star. Below is the wonderful video featured in the film as well as the original Cheap Trick version. The Rudo Y Cursi soundtrack does boast an interesting English version of Cheap Trick’s tune by Los Odio and Juan Son (also below). Oh, enjoy.

Gael Garcia Bernal (as Tato Verduzco) “Queiro Que Me Quieras” (VIDEO)

Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” (VIDEO)

Los Odio and Juan Son “I Want You To Want Me” (VIDEO)