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Song of the Day: Dancing Mood’s “Close to You” with Mimi Maura

June 19, 2009


Mimi Maura

Mimi Maura

I might have had too many whiskeys last night, and like every night (drunk or sober), I had an unforgiving friend bothering me as  I slept. This friend is a bird outside my window that is either really affected by light pollution or just likes to mess with me. I want to think that last night it was just trying to remind me about our Song of the Day. And it did by bringing to mind, “why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near.” I’ve been a fan of Mimi Maura ever since I got into the Latin-American Reggae scene, so when I heard that she was doing a Ska with Argentina’s Dancing Mood I was kinda excited. It wasn’t a disappointment at all. She has a rather deep voice, so to lighten it a bit for a classic American love song was a great move. And of course, Dancing Mood composed a perfect Ska cover of the track. It’s better than The Carpenters’ version. That’s it. I’m hungover. Enjoy.

Dancing Mood (featuring Mimi Maura)-Close to You (MP3)