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David Garza’s MP3 Medly (or why this guy needs to be heard)

July 21, 2009
Davíd Garza

Davíd Garza

The first time I heard Davíd Garza I was eighteen years old, a college freshman, and studying late at night while listening to KVRX. I had just moved to Austin, Texas and made my first trips to venerable Austin hangouts such as Mozart’s, Spiderhouse, Emo’s, Ruta Maya, and even ventured into the long-gone Black Cat Lounge. I was relatively unaware of the city’s cool-factor until I heard the kitschy keyboard break beat intro to Garza’s “Discoball World.” On “Discoball World” I began to understand how Garza’s lyrics (the “blissed out brothers”, the “dreadlocked white girls”, “extra virgins” and the “laptop loners”) rang true. It wasn’t that Garza was just singing about my stomping grounds in Austin, but it was his voice, a mixture of late-90’s hipster cool, pop eclecticism, and Robert Plant-esque vocals (that falsetto) that one falls for. It’s also not just his talent but his long standing recognition of his Mexican-American heritage and traditions that have made Davíd (it’s Dah-veed people, not David, get it right) Garza a superstar in Austin. Yet, the man, his music, is hardly known outside of his 1999, highly underrated major label debut, This Euphoria or his conributions to soundtracks like Great Expecations or Veronica Mars. Granted, the man is getting his music out there, but little do many know how incredibly talented David Garza truly is. If he’s not recording an full-length album or EP, he’s a session musician, producer, and collaborator with musicians such as music legend, Jon BrionAlejandro Escovedo, Juliana HatfieldRhett Miller and Fionna Apple, or contributing his work to Dagoberto Gilb‘s Hecho En Tejas anthology. A few years ago, Garza took his music to L.A. then returned back to Austin where I used to watch him ordering coffee while I hid behind my laptop at the now defunct East Austin hangout, Dandelion Cafe. I never went up to him and told him how much I loved his music or more importantly how he was paving the way for other Mexican-American musicians much in the way Alejandro Escovedo had done before him. Instead, I remained a laptop loner and watched him as he walked out. Today, in celebration of Garza’s latest record, Dream Delay (Cosmica Records), and his contribution to Texas music, Mí Casa features a medly of Garza’s tunes. Enjoy!

David Garza performs a FREE show at Club Congress (Tucson, AZ) tonight, before heading to L.A. You can find more tour info here.

David Garza’s new album is available at CDBaby.

Davíd Garza – “Discoball World” (MP3)

Davíd Garza – “Float Away” (MP3)

Davíd Garza – “2 Sinners in the Garden” (MP3)

Davíd Garza  – “From A Fool” (MP3)

David Garza – “We On Fire” (MP3)

Davíd Garza (as Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom!) – “Amnesty” (MP3)

Davíd Garza and Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom! – “Amnesty” Live on KGSR (Video)