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Song of the Day: Fidel Nadal’s “La Puerta Negra”

July 2, 2009
Fidel Nadal, Crucial Cuts

Fidel Nadal, Crucial Cuts

A “best of” album is only good if the artist is good, right? But even if the artist is a genius, I never get hyped for those albums. Yet, when I heard that Nacional Records just recently released a “best of” of Fidel Nadal‘s solo career, I got butterflies in my stomach. See, after his split with Todos Tus Muertos, I only skimmed through his solo work. This “best of” album, Crucial Cuts, gathers 17 songs from Fidel’s career. Of course, “La Puerta Negra” is one of the tracks included that really stands out from the rest. Yeah, it glows because it’s a cover of Los Tigres Del Norte—a group in a very different genre—but that’s not all that makes this song special. Fidel was really doing something new with this norteña. Here he blends together a little reggaeton with hip-hop, and mariachi trumpets! Now, I know a lot of folks don’t dig Fidel Nadal’s flow. For those folks: there’s an instrumental track in Crucial Cuts titled, “Luanda.” That joint is so smooth it needs to be bumping on a beach or in someone’s backyard party. For that reason we’re throwing it in as an extra.

Fidel Nadal-La Puerta Negra (MP3)

Fidel Nadal-Luanda (MP3)

Todos Tus Muertos-Andate (Video)

Fidel Nadal-Luanda (MP3)

Mos Def en Español

June 11, 2009
Mos Def

Mos Def

The mighty Mos Def has always gone by the spanish nickname, “Pretty Flaco,” but who would’ve known he would actually embody the name. In his new album, The Ecstatic, the mighty Mos Def becomes Pretty Flaco, rhyming in spanish on the track, “No Hay Nada Mas.” The track is reminiscent of “Umi Says” from Mos’ solo debut album, Black on Both Sides. It takes on the “Umi Says” sound of a dim prayer authored by Mos (and I think he actually concludes his bars with “Amen”). But that’s the thing, I think. I say “I think” because some of the lyrics are unclear. It takes a few listens to get the idea. The words/lyrics that stand out are: “Guerra y vida” “Familia…la luz en la distancia” “Mi vista, mi casa, mi sueños, mi alma.”  Seems like Mos is saying that we live in a constant state of paranoia—feeling a need to protect ourselves and the things that we give weight. Kinda dark, I know, but I think he’s saying there’s nothing more to being a human being. . .”No Hay Nada Mas.” But there is more to Pretty Flaco and this new album, so pick it up!