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Julieta Venegas Remixes Hello Seahorse!

August 8, 2009

Gotta thank our music-friends at Club Fonograma for this one here. Who knew Julieta Venegas had it in her to remix? Maybe it’s just that she likes and respects Hello Seahorse! as much as Mi Casa does. We don’t know, but she does a fine job remixing this track. Like the original, this remix of “Bestia” is a little dark, yet Julieta manages to bring some light into the song with hand claps and a few noise makers.

Hello Seahorse!

Hello Seahorse!

Maybe Julieta doesn’t want us to forget about Hello Seahorse! too fast in this music culture with attention deficit disorder. We sure don’t want you to. So to refresh your memory, we’re throwing in some extra tracks by Hello Seahorse!

Hello Seahorse! – Bestia (Julieta Venegas Remix) (MP3)

Hello Seahorse! – Bestia (Original) (MP3)

Hello Seahorse! – I Won\'t Say Anything (MP3)

Hello Seahorse!–I Wont Say Anything (Video (Note: music starts at 12 seconds))

Hello Seahorse!–Bestia

Nelly Furtado new single is “Manos Al Aire”, readys first collab heavy Spanish-language album “Mí Plan”

July 9, 2009
Nelly Furtado has a plan: conquer Latin America

Nelly Furtado has a plan: conquer Latin America

Canadian singer-songwriter, Nelly Furtado is planning a return. We last heard from Ms. Furtado a few years ago with her monster album, Loose that Timbaland produced album that shelled out nine hit singles. One would think Furtado would release a similar album, albeit a sequel-keep-the-mainstream-happy record, but we here at Mí Casa trust Ms. Furtado and she’s instead planned on taking over Latin America. Word on the street last year was that Furtado was working on a double album, one in English, the other in Portuguese. However, if her several collaborations with Columbian pop-rocker, Juanés, Puerto Rican alternative hip-hoppers, Calle 13, and most recent Flo Rida‘s latest are any indication of her musical direction, it’s her first Spanish language album, aptly titled Mí Plan. Mí Plan first single is “Manos Al Aire” (“Hands in the Air”) released on June 29th. The rest of her new album boasts collaborations with Mexican alt-rock legend Julieta Venegas, Spanish hip-hopper, La Mala Rodriguez, and Bronx-Bachata masters, Aventura, Josh Groban, Vincent Garcia, and of course, Juanés. Nelly Furtado’s Mí Plan will be released on September 29th on Universal Music Latino.

Nelly Furtado – “Manos Al Aire” (IMEEM)

Nelly Furtado talks to Azteca 3 re: Mí Plan (VIDEO)

Song of The Day: Juan Son’s “Las Hadas”

June 12, 2009
Juan Son

Juan Son

Who is Juan Son? Here’s what you need to know: Juan Son was the lead singer of experimental indie rock band Porter. From 2004-2008 the band released the 2005 EP, Donde Los Ponys Pastan and their full-length, 2007’s Atemahawke.  Both records garnered attention and a small following but the band called it quits after performing at Coachella Music Festival in 2008. Juan Son took the time to develop his own solo work resulting in a set of demos and this year’s Mermaid Sashimi. His debut record is already garnering rave reviews for its ethereal vocal-orchestral stylings. He’s collaborated with Latin Alternative legend Julieta Venegas and was most recently heard on Natalia Lafourcade‘s Hu Hu Hu as well as the Voy A Explotar and Rudo Y Cursi soundtracks. This guy is someone to watch. No, really, download the song and watch his music video for “Nada.”

Juan Son “Las Hadas” -DEMO (MP3)

Juan Son “Nada” (Video)