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Song of the Day: Marcelo Camelo’s “Téo e a Gaivota”

June 5, 2009
Marcelo Camelo

Marcelo Camelo

I promised to post something on a solo project from one of Los Hermanos, so here it is. Now, I didn’t plan on posting it this soon, but damn, this has been my song for the past 120 days, and I thought I should share it for one of your days.

Guitarist and singer from Los Hermanos, Marcelo Camelo, released “Sou” just last year—an album that’ll make you jump from your seat or enjoy the seat you’re in as you admire the lovely complexities of Camelo’s ballads. Téo e a Gaivota is one of those songs that’ll have you awed at the many levels of emotion that are woven together with the strings of Camelo’s guitar, lyrics derived from a poem, gentle drumming, and xylophone notes that tip-toe in the background. The song gets to a point where the melancholy music gets loud—as if to reconsider its emotion—but Marcelo pulls it back to a state of sadness with an ounce of hope.

Marcelo Camelo-Téo e a Gaivota (MP3)

Los Hermanos

June 3, 2009
Brazil's Los Hermanos

Brazil's Los Hermanos

From Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Los Hermanos blend a little samba and bossa nova with rock, and are usually accompanied by a solid trumpet section. They sound a little like The Strokes (sometimes), and they actually know each other pretty well. See, while both bands are on a hiatus, Rodrigo Amarante from Los Hermanos, and drummer of The Strokes, Fabrizio Moretti, have formed their own band in Los Angeles. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Enjoy these videos from Los Hermanos. We’ll be following up with more from these cool Brazilians and their solo projects. Keep an eye out.

Los Hermanos – Ultimo Romance

Los Hermanos – Morena