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Throwback Thursday: Moenia’s “Ya No Es Así”

July 23, 2009
Electronic pop pioneers Mœnia

Electronic pop pioneers Mœnia (the woman's not in the band)

This week’s Throwback Thursday we’re going pop with Mœnia. The electronic band have often been compared to their English contemporaries Depeche Mode. However, don’t let the synths and drumbeats of much of Moenia’s catalog deter you. Moenia have spent more than fifteen years crafting some of the most engaging Latin pop music. What has always made Moenia one of the most successful bands in Latin America is their ability to record music that receives mainstream acceptance yet manages to challenge listeners with experimental compositions and arrangements otherwise unheard of in Latin mainstream pop outside of Aleks Syntek and more recent years Ms. Julieta Venegas foray into pop. Moenia was initially a quartet before original co-founder and lead singer, Juan Carlos Lozano, left the band soon after their 1997 self-titled debut. Alfonso Pichardo picked up the vocal duties on their sophomore and one of their most critically received album, Adición+ in 1999. “Ya No Es Así” is a standout electro pop song reminiscent more of Kraftwerk, Yaz, and Erasure than Depeche Mode. In fact, Mí Casa believes that Moenia often out-modes Depeche Mode. “Ya No Es Así” is also an excellent example of this Mexican band’s influence on the current revival of Electronic Latin pop. It’s simple, we wouldn’t have Mexico’s Belanova, Argentina’s Miranda! or even Chile’s indie electro pop princess, Javiera Mena if it wasn’t for Moenia. Enjoy “Ya No Es Así” and two extra vids, “Molde Perfecto” and the Moenia’s contribution to Amores Perros.

Moenia – “Ya No Es Así” (MP3)

Moenia – “Molde Perfecto” (Video)

Moenia – “Lado Animal” (Theme to Amores Perros) (Video)

The Sweet, Not So Sour, and Hot Ely Guerra Spices Up Her New Album

July 11, 2009

Behind the closed doors of Mi Casa, we were discussing which Ely Guerra we like the most—the one from Lotofire or Sweet & Sour, Hot y Spicy. I personally prefer the latter—la rockera with an afro that can blow up speakers while delivering soft vocals and heart aching lyrics. Now we didn’t completely see eye to eye on this, but something we definitely agreed on was our excitement for Ely’s upcoming album.

Ely Guerra

Ely Guerra

While rocking out in Colombia’s Rock El Parque 2009, Ely talked with and dropped a few names of artists we should expect to hear in her new album. The line up is quite impressive—Juanes, Meme (Cafe Tacuba), Gustavo Santolalla, Enrique Bunbury, and Alvaro Enrique (Los Tres). Ely also admits she’s toning down her punk look—as she nears 40—for something a bit more “calm.” Maybe we’ll get that calm and relaxed Ely in this new album. Who knows! But we surely can’t wait to hear. (Yes, like you, we’re in love with her).

Ely Guerra with

Song of the Day: Album’s “Er Bender,” plus Bonus tracks and vids

July 10, 2009
Los Beta Bandidos: Album

Los Beta Bandidos: Monterrey, Mexico's Album

Album (pronounced Al-boom) is an electronic-experimental band from Monterrey, Mexico. Over the last seven years the quartet have become one of my favorite indie bands. Album draws much of its influence from garage and art rock and have been often compared to the U.K.’s the Beta Band.  Album’s electronic-garage-psych-pop mixes also draw comparisons to the lesser-known Swedish indie band, Bear Quartet. Album have released four independent releases, 2003’s Eureka Sön, 2006’s critical fav Microbricolages, and last year’s Cancer Baby, as well as a string of EPs such as 2009’s Quantization Proclamation. Each of these LPs and EPs are distributed as free downloads on their official website. “Er Bender” is the last track on Microbricolages but it captures the band moving away from the brief-sketch tunes from its earlier releases towards the more distinct sound of Cancer Baby. It’s also one of my favorite tracks and today’s song of the day. Enjoy the bonus track and videos too!

Album – “Er Bender” (MP3)

BONUS – Album – “Hormigas” (MP3)

Album – “Es Facil” (VIDEO)

Album – “Albino Sangrante” (VIDEO)

Album – “2/3” (VIDEO)

Album – “Es Teatro Greigo” (VIDEO)

Song of the Day: Juan García Esquivel’s “Macarena (La Virgen de La Macarena)”

July 6, 2009

Juan García Esquivel

Juan García Esquivel

Juan García Esquivel grew up in the same Mexican town as my mother: Tampico, Tamulipas, Mexico. Esquivel, as he was known, is the musician responsible for defining the quirky instrumental sound that would later be called “Lounge.” Although, he wasn’t the only instrumental musician at the time, his style created distinctly of exotic percussion, wordless or often repetitive vocals (“mucha muchacha: mí muchacho, you muchacha!” anyone?), masterful piano solos, and as today’s Song of the Day shows us in the first few seconds, over inflated, dynamic shifts in volume. Esquivel’s “Macarena (La Virgen De La Macarena)” is meant to make you wake up on your Monday morning! The extra video is an Animaniac’s version of Esquivel’s “Mucha Muchacha” from the mid-1990s.

Esquivel “Macarena (La Virgen De La Macarena)” (MP3)

Esquivel vs Animaniacs “Mucha Muchacha” (VIDEO)

Song of the Day: Los Cojolites’ “Luna Negra”

July 3, 2009

You might have heard Los Cojolites in the Frida movie soundtrack, or at a demonstration backing up Rage Against the Machine‘s Zack de la Rocha, and now you can say you heard them at Mi Casa.

Los Cojolites

Los Cojolites

If I was forced to choose one genre of music to listen to for the rest of my life, I would choose Son Jarocho—hands down, no question about it. Son Jarocho has everything that is valuable to me in music—it’s music about community, documenting history, love, and struggle. Plus, it’s roots in African, Spanish, and Mexican indigenous cultures bring together some of my favorite qualities in music—improvisation, call and response, repetition, and a lil’ soul. Now, a lot of Son Jarocho music is in the air in Veracruz—not in the hands of the music industry—but there are a few groups that have independently put out albums with originally composed sones. Late last year, the highly respected and internationally known, Los Cojolites, put out an album titled, No Tiene Fin. We strongly encourage you to support this group (and other Son Jarocho groups) and buy the album—you won’t regret it.

Los Cojolites-Luna Negra (IMEEM)

Zack De La Rocha with Los Cojolites-Luna Negra

Los Cojolites-El Zapateado

Lila Down’s Collection of Hits and Tour

July 2, 2009

Lila Downs

Lila Downs

Our Mex soul sister, Lila Downs, has just released her first collection of hits titled, “The Very Best of El Alma de Lila Downs.” The collection has 18 tracks, including some of my personal favorite Lila tunes—“Paloma Negra,” “Arenita Azul” and “Naila”. This Oaxaqueña can rock a cumbia, sing with a Nahuatl tongue, and command a mariachi with her voice. Check her out if she’s in your area.

7.10.09 Montreal, Canada
7.12.09 Quebec, Canada  
8.24.09 Denver, Colorado
8.26.09 Anaheim, California
8.27.09 Santa Monica, California      
8.29.09 Anaheim, California        
9.05.09 Santa Fe, New Mexico      
9.05.09 San Diego, California    
9.05.09 Hollywood, California      

Lila Downs-Naila (Video)

Song of The Day: Paté de Fuá’s “El Valsecito de Don Serafín”

July 1, 2009

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone that is so damn interesting that you want to drop everything just to spend every second with that person? Well, that’s how I feel about Paté de Fuá.

Paté de Fuá

Paté de Fuá

These Argentinos and Mexicanos bring a warm sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard from the Mexican music scene. These mellow dudes fuse together the lighter sides of jazz, waltz, and tango with the following instruments: accordion, bandoneón, cavaquinho, banjo, cornet, alto horn, guitar, vibraphone, marimba, contrabass, and drums. Yeah, they’re a talented bunch. In today’s Song of the Day, they tell the story of a fictional character, Don Serafin. Don Serafin and his band only knew how to play one song, and so that’s all they played—one song, over and over, until Don Serafin passed away. If you really dig Paté de Fuá’s style(s), you might find yourself doing the same as Don Serafin—repeating this Song of The Day over and over. But don’t make the mistake of only knowing one song. For more check out Paté de Fuá’s album, Música Moderna

Paté de Fuá-El Valsecito de Don Serafín (MP3)

Paté de Fuá-El Valsecito de Don Serafín (Video)

Song of the Day: Javiera Mena’s “Yo No Te Pido La Luna”

June 23, 2009
Javiera Mena

Javiera Mena

Chilean pop singer Javiera Mena has been recording and performing music since 2001, first as indie pop duo, Prissa, and then as a collaborator with friend and Chilean singer-songwriter, Gepe. Mena cites Brazilian chantuese Xúxa and Mexico’s pop icon Daniela Romo as influences, yet it’s her fascination with an AM monophonic sound she grew up listening to as a child that guides her acoustic-synth driven pop from her 2006 debut, Esquemas Juveniles (Virgin Argentina). “Yo No Te Pido La Luna” is a tune off of that record and a cover of Daniela Romo’s 1984 pop hit which was a #1 hit in Chile and once again became a hit for Mena a few years ago. Mena is currently recording a follow up to Esquemas Juveniles in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile and due out later this year.


Javiera Mena “Yo No Te Pido La Luna” (MP3)

Javiera Mena “Yo No Te Pido La Luna” (Video)

Daniela Romo “Yo No Te Pido La Luna” (Original tune/video)

Rodrigo y Gabriela, New Album and Tour Dates

June 18, 2009

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela made a name for themselves by doing what no other Mexican act has done before: move to Dublin, Ireland. In fact, Rodrigo y Gabriela moved to Dublin because they liked the city’s music scene. Their self-titled release in 2006 was a strong effort but it was the duo’s energetic live shows at just about any music festival (and fresh off of Bonnaroo 2009 according to Brooklyn Vegan) that has gained Rodrigo y Gabriela notoriety. Now, R y G are set to release their follow-up, 11:11 (check out the album cover below) on September 8th. 11:11 was produced entirely by Rodrigo y Gabriela in Mexico with co-production by John Leckie (Los Lobos, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket) on two tracks and features collaborations with Costa Rican/Iranian musicians Strunz & Farah as well as Testament‘s Alex Skolnick.  The new record, according to their label ATO is “the band’s personal “Gracias” to 11 musicians, both past and present, who have inspired them along the way.”

In the meantime, the duo has a slew of dates at the end of June leading up to the release of the new record.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – 2009 Tour Dates
June 28 – Summerfest, Milwaukee, USA
September 16 New York City, NY Terminal 5
September 19 Denver, CO Temple Hoyne Buelle Theatre
September 21 Seattle, WA Moore Theatre
September 23 Oakland, CA Fox Theater
September 25 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre

Rodrigo y Gabriela's 11:11 (2009)

Check out 11:11's album cover. New album out, September 8th on ATO.

Rodrigo y Gabriela performing “Diablo Rojo” on David Letterman

Café Tacvba Celebrate 20 Años, 20 Cuidades (Mp3 B-Side Mini Retrospective)

June 12, 2009
Café Tacvba's 20 Años, 20 Cuidades Tour

Café Tacvba's 20 Años, 20 Cuidades Tour

Café Tacvba are celebrating 20 years as a band by touring 20 select countries around the world. The Mexico City rockers wrapped up the SINO tour late last year. The 20 Años, 20 Cuidades (20 Years, 20 Cities) began this May with stops all over Latin America and Europe. Cafe Tacvba’s 20th anniversary tour coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, lead singer Rubén Albaran’s first book, and a SINO tour rockumentary spanning the tour through Japan and Latin America as well as detailing the history of the band. The remaining dates (below) sees the band in Mexico, U.S., U.K., and Spain.

Café Tacvba’s 20 Años, 20 Cuidades Tour:

13 de junio – DF, México
16 de junio – León, México
17 de junio – Guadalajara, México
19 de junio – Monterrey, México
21 de junio – Tijuana, México
24 de junio – Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
26 de junio – Chicago, Estados Unidos
28 de junio – Nueva York, Estados Unidos
23 de julio – Londres, Inglaterra
25 de julio – Barcelona, España

Mí Casa will celebrate with a b-side Mini retrospective:

“God: Dog” from Amores Perros (MP3)
“Futurismo Y Tradición from Homenaje a Los Tigeres Del Norte (MP3)
“La Venganza De Los Pelados” with Los Lobos (MP3)
“Insomnio” from Y Tú Máma Tambíen (Mp3)