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Throwback Thursday: Moenia’s “Ya No Es Así”

July 23, 2009
Electronic pop pioneers Mœnia

Electronic pop pioneers Mœnia (the woman's not in the band)

This week’s Throwback Thursday we’re going pop with Mœnia. The electronic band have often been compared to their English contemporaries Depeche Mode. However, don’t let the synths and drumbeats of much of Moenia’s catalog deter you. Moenia have spent more than fifteen years crafting some of the most engaging Latin pop music. What has always made Moenia one of the most successful bands in Latin America is their ability to record music that receives mainstream acceptance yet manages to challenge listeners with experimental compositions and arrangements otherwise unheard of in Latin mainstream pop outside of Aleks Syntek and more recent years Ms. Julieta Venegas foray into pop. Moenia was initially a quartet before original co-founder and lead singer, Juan Carlos Lozano, left the band soon after their 1997 self-titled debut. Alfonso Pichardo picked up the vocal duties on their sophomore and one of their most critically received album, Adición+ in 1999. “Ya No Es Así” is a standout electro pop song reminiscent more of Kraftwerk, Yaz, and Erasure than Depeche Mode. In fact, Mí Casa believes that Moenia often out-modes Depeche Mode. “Ya No Es Así” is also an excellent example of this Mexican band’s influence on the current revival of Electronic Latin pop. It’s simple, we wouldn’t have Mexico’s Belanova, Argentina’s Miranda! or even Chile’s indie electro pop princess, Javiera Mena if it wasn’t for Moenia. Enjoy “Ya No Es Así” and two extra vids, “Molde Perfecto” and the Moenia’s contribution to Amores Perros.

Moenia – “Ya No Es Así” (MP3)

Moenia – “Molde Perfecto” (Video)

Moenia – “Lado Animal” (Theme to Amores Perros) (Video)

Nelly Furtado new single is “Manos Al Aire”, readys first collab heavy Spanish-language album “Mí Plan”

July 9, 2009
Nelly Furtado has a plan: conquer Latin America

Nelly Furtado has a plan: conquer Latin America

Canadian singer-songwriter, Nelly Furtado is planning a return. We last heard from Ms. Furtado a few years ago with her monster album, Loose that Timbaland produced album that shelled out nine hit singles. One would think Furtado would release a similar album, albeit a sequel-keep-the-mainstream-happy record, but we here at Mí Casa trust Ms. Furtado and she’s instead planned on taking over Latin America. Word on the street last year was that Furtado was working on a double album, one in English, the other in Portuguese. However, if her several collaborations with Columbian pop-rocker, Juanés, Puerto Rican alternative hip-hoppers, Calle 13, and most recent Flo Rida‘s latest are any indication of her musical direction, it’s her first Spanish language album, aptly titled Mí Plan. Mí Plan first single is “Manos Al Aire” (“Hands in the Air”) released on June 29th. The rest of her new album boasts collaborations with Mexican alt-rock legend Julieta Venegas, Spanish hip-hopper, La Mala Rodriguez, and Bronx-Bachata masters, Aventura, Josh Groban, Vincent Garcia, and of course, Juanés. Nelly Furtado’s Mí Plan will be released on September 29th on Universal Music Latino.

Nelly Furtado – “Manos Al Aire” (IMEEM)

Nelly Furtado talks to Azteca 3 re: Mí Plan (VIDEO)

Song of the Day: Juan García Esquivel’s “Macarena (La Virgen de La Macarena)”

July 6, 2009

Juan García Esquivel

Juan García Esquivel

Juan García Esquivel grew up in the same Mexican town as my mother: Tampico, Tamulipas, Mexico. Esquivel, as he was known, is the musician responsible for defining the quirky instrumental sound that would later be called “Lounge.” Although, he wasn’t the only instrumental musician at the time, his style created distinctly of exotic percussion, wordless or often repetitive vocals (“mucha muchacha: mí muchacho, you muchacha!” anyone?), masterful piano solos, and as today’s Song of the Day shows us in the first few seconds, over inflated, dynamic shifts in volume. Esquivel’s “Macarena (La Virgen De La Macarena)” is meant to make you wake up on your Monday morning! The extra video is an Animaniac’s version of Esquivel’s “Mucha Muchacha” from the mid-1990s.

Esquivel “Macarena (La Virgen De La Macarena)” (MP3)

Esquivel vs Animaniacs “Mucha Muchacha” (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: La Union—Hombre Lobo en Paris

June 11, 2009

La Union

Thank goodness for one hit wonders. La Union never gave us anything else, but it seems they put everything they had into this one. The story about a werewolf in Paris, rides a thick baseline with a few howls here and there from the lead singer. And if you’re trying to visualize the story, here goes the video (and it’s a damn good video):

La Union–Hombre Lobo en Paris (MP3)