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Song of the Day: Fidel Nadal’s “La Puerta Negra”

July 2, 2009
Fidel Nadal, Crucial Cuts

Fidel Nadal, Crucial Cuts

A “best of” album is only good if the artist is good, right? But even if the artist is a genius, I never get hyped for those albums. Yet, when I heard that Nacional Records just recently released a “best of” of Fidel Nadal‘s solo career, I got butterflies in my stomach. See, after his split with Todos Tus Muertos, I only skimmed through his solo work. This “best of” album, Crucial Cuts, gathers 17 songs from Fidel’s career. Of course, “La Puerta Negra” is one of the tracks included that really stands out from the rest. Yeah, it glows because it’s a cover of Los Tigres Del Norte—a group in a very different genre—but that’s not all that makes this song special. Fidel was really doing something new with this norteña. Here he blends together a little reggaeton with hip-hop, and mariachi trumpets! Now, I know a lot of folks don’t dig Fidel Nadal’s flow. For those folks: there’s an instrumental track in Crucial Cuts titled, “Luanda.” That joint is so smooth it needs to be bumping on a beach or in someone’s backyard party. For that reason we’re throwing it in as an extra.

Fidel Nadal-La Puerta Negra (MP3)

Fidel Nadal-Luanda (MP3)

Todos Tus Muertos-Andate (Video)

Fidel Nadal-Luanda (MP3)

Song of the Day: Quique Neira’s “Lady”

June 29, 2009

Quique Neira

Quique Neira

I was just in San Francisco for a little over a week. Although I was there for some serious business, I spent the first few days in search of a good reggae club. I found two that were decent, but it wasn’t those clubs’ music that I was impressed with–it was actually the most random places that played some of my favorite reggae tunes. While walking down Mission Street, a Mexican grocery store had Los Cafres playing outside over their produce. And when I stopped to eat at El Balazo, I was greeted at the door with today’s song of the day–Quique Neira’s “Lady.” A few days into my week, I talked with some reggae heads about reggae music, only to find out that they didn’t know that Latin America has a strong reggae scene. For that reason, we’re gonna take it back to 2005 with a track from this former member of Chile’s Gondwana. It’s a lot more laid back, compared to the serious reggae roots style he brought with Gondwana, but Quique still manages to deliver one of the best voices in Latin American reggae.

Quique Neira-Lady (MP3)

Quique Neira-Lady (Video)

Song of the Day: Dancing Mood’s “Close to You” with Mimi Maura

June 19, 2009


Mimi Maura

Mimi Maura

I might have had too many whiskeys last night, and like every night (drunk or sober), I had an unforgiving friend bothering me as  I slept. This friend is a bird outside my window that is either really affected by light pollution or just likes to mess with me. I want to think that last night it was just trying to remind me about our Song of the Day. And it did by bringing to mind, “why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near.” I’ve been a fan of Mimi Maura ever since I got into the Latin-American Reggae scene, so when I heard that she was doing a Ska with Argentina’s Dancing Mood I was kinda excited. It wasn’t a disappointment at all. She has a rather deep voice, so to lighten it a bit for a classic American love song was a great move. And of course, Dancing Mood composed a perfect Ska cover of the track. It’s better than The Carpenters’ version. That’s it. I’m hungover. Enjoy.

Dancing Mood (featuring Mimi Maura)-Close to You (MP3)

Few Words, 1 Song: Cultura Profetica’s “Un Deseo”

June 9, 2009

Best Latin Reggae band (with all due respect to Gondwana and Los Cafres). From Puerto Rico, Cultura Profetica brings conscious reggae roots with lovely lyrics. The new album is in the works—coming later this summer. 


Cultura Profetica

Cultura Profetica


Cultura Profetica-Un Deseo (mp3)