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Gustavo Cerati preps Fuerza Natural, New Single

July 21, 2009
Gustavo Cerati's new record Fuerza Natural drops in August

Gustavo Cerati's new record Fuerza Natural drops in August

Argentine rocker and former band member of Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati has recorded a new album. Fuerza Natrual will be released in late August. His first single, “Déja Vu” can be heard exclusively on his official website. You can also read the lyrics to his new song on his website. Fuerza Natural is Cerati’s fifth full-length solo work preceding perhaps his most critically acclaimed work, 2006’s Ahí Vamos. An album that saw Cerati leaving his electronic-sophisticated pop orchestrations (I think he might have given those to Shakira‘s last record, albeit with some serious mixed results) behind for a direct guitar rock approach. That record, unlike his first three, spawned five hit singles all over Latin America and earned him a few Grammy nominations and spots on year-end lists. Quite long overdue, I think, as Cerati has spent the last few decades earning respect for his long body of work outside of the shadow of his legendary band. It doesn’t matter if you prefer sophisti-pop Cerati over rocker Cerati, or even prefer Cerati pre-solo work, listening to “Déja Vu” (or any new work) makes Mí Casa news, and our day! Note: what’s with Requiem For A Dream look? We’re unsure if this is his album cover. Note 2: Check out pre-solo work Cerati here.

Gustavo Cerati – “Déja Vu” (Video)

Throwback Thursday: Soda Stereo’s “Sobredosis De TV”

June 18, 2009
Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo is Argentina’s most successful and one of Latin America’s most influential bands. Soda Stereo was formed in 1982 by lead guitarist and vocalist, Gustavo Cerati, drummer, Charly Alberti, and bassist, Zeta Bosio. Soda Stereo blend New Wave, rock, and pop with a stylish image similar to their English contemporaries Television, the Talking Heads, and The Police. From 1984-1995, Soda Stereo released seven records including two of their most important releases, 1986’s Signos and then 1990’s Cancion Animal. “Sobredosis De TV” (“Television Overdose”), this week’s Throwback Thursday selection, is one of the band’s most recognized songs. It’s a perfect introduction to this iconic band.

Soda Stereo – “Sobredosis De TV” (MP3)

Soda Stereo – “Sobredosis De TV” (Live in Vivo en Viña, 1987)