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New Video: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

October 30, 2009

The first time I heard Rita Indiana y Los Misterios I thought they were from another planet—they’re just too original, blending merengue with electro, and mambo, and reggaeton, and house, and. . .I can keep going. Well, their new video proves me right! Rita Indiana y Los Misterios are from another planet, and there they’re singing “La Hora de Volve,” line dancing, playing air instruments, and floating on vinyl records and other objects. Check it out. One of my favorite videos and songs of the year.

Celso Piña con Natalia Lafourcade

October 30, 2009

Celso Piña delivers a slow cumbia while Natalia Lafourcade flowers it up with her vocals. This comes from Celso’s “Sin Fecha de Caducidad” where you can also find Ely Guerra, Lila Downs, and Alex Lora (from El Tri) dueting it with el gran Celso.

Kumbia Queers Cover The Cure’s “Lovesong”

October 21, 2009

We’ve been missing in [blog] action for a few weeks now…but no worries! We’re back—back with the Kumbia Queers !

Kumbia Queers

Kumbia Queers

And who are they? In their own words: “Seis locas punk and rollers aburridas del rock actual deciden autoexplotar su lado Kumbianchero y Queer haciendo canciones de chicas para chicas…” For those who had a rough time understanding that, it’s: six crazy punk and roller girls bored with rock music, that decided to exploit their own Kumbianchero and Queer sides to make songs by girls for girls.

Kumbia Queers – Kumbia Dark (The Cure \"Lovesong\" Cover) (MP3)

Kumbia Queers – Kumbia Dark (The Cure “Lovesong” Cover)