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Celso Piña con Natalia Lafourcade

October 30, 2009

Celso Piña delivers a slow cumbia while Natalia Lafourcade flowers it up with her vocals. This comes from Celso’s “Sin Fecha de Caducidad” where you can also find Ely Guerra, Lila Downs, and Alex Lora (from El Tri) dueting it with el gran Celso.

Song of the Day: Amandititita’s “Cerebro de Caca”

July 16, 2009

She’s not the girl you want to take home to mom (unless you want to give your mom a heart attack), but she’s fun. Yeah, I’m talking about Amandititita—the queen of Anarcho-Cumbia. The vulgarly honest singer is back with a song for all her haters that dare to insult her. And how does she get back at them? With her own insults, of course…and cumbia.



Amandititita just released this track on her Myspace page. Looks like she’s letting her fans (and haters) know that the new album is on its way. The word on the cyber streets is that Ulises Lozano from Kinky had a hand in the production. But since the album isn’t out yet, in the meantime check out this bootlegged YouTube video or visit her Myspace page to listen to the single. Have fun with it—“Cerebro de Caca” is the least offensive thing she says.

Amandititita-Cerebro de Caca (Video a la bootleg)

Lila Down’s Collection of Hits and Tour

July 2, 2009

Lila Downs

Lila Downs

Our Mex soul sister, Lila Downs, has just released her first collection of hits titled, “The Very Best of El Alma de Lila Downs.” The collection has 18 tracks, including some of my personal favorite Lila tunes—“Paloma Negra,” “Arenita Azul” and “Naila”. This Oaxaqueña can rock a cumbia, sing with a Nahuatl tongue, and command a mariachi with her voice. Check her out if she’s in your area.

7.10.09 Montreal, Canada
7.12.09 Quebec, Canada  
8.24.09 Denver, Colorado
8.26.09 Anaheim, California
8.27.09 Santa Monica, California      
8.29.09 Anaheim, California        
9.05.09 Santa Fe, New Mexico      
9.05.09 San Diego, California    
9.05.09 Hollywood, California      

Lila Downs-Naila (Video)